Quelic Berga participates in the course: “Big Data: visualización de datos”

Data visualization” is the fourth course of the specialization “Big Data – Practical use of massive data”. Organized in four weeks, it aims to motivate and introduce the key concepts of data visualization as well as show examples in different contexts. In addition, criteria are provided to formulate the problem and choose the most appropriate tools to obtain a correct visualization. This should be an introductory, motivating and inspiring course for storytelling through the visualization of your data. The four modules in which the course is structured are the following:

MODULE 1: Context for data visualization today

MODULE 2: Data analysis and visualization tools

MODULE 3: The process of creating a data visualization

MODULE 4: Other aspects of data visualization

The assistant professor at Universitat Oberta de Catalunya and DARTS member Quelic Berga has participated in the creation of modules 1 and 3 of the course in collaboration with UAB and UOC.

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