Desafíos de la virtualización de la enseñanza de las Artes: el Grado en Artes de la UOC

Laia Blasco-Soplon and Aida Sánchez de Serdio make this presentation in the framework of the international seminar “Arte, educación y virtualidad” at the Museo Nacional de Colombia, Universidad Santo Tomás (Bogotá)

In this presentation we propose a reflection on the teachings of arts at a higher level and, more specifically, on what its virtualization supposes, taken as a case the Arts Degree of the Open University of Catalonia (UOC). In the first place, the challenges and possibilities of the virtualization of artistic education in general are pointed out, such as the difficulty of virtually conveying the material and copresential nature of teaching in arts, the need to maintain a relationship that is both individualized and relational. in an environment that tends towards massification, and the opportunity that this environment offers to develop a contemporary and reflective approach to media and artistic languages. Secondly, we focus on some aspects and characteristics of both the UOC and the Degree in Arts, showing its curricular mesh and some of its virtual classrooms, and highlighting some of the challenges that its implementation has involved, such as the need for a greater visual dimension of the teaching environments, of overcoming the analog-digital dichotomy, or of generating multidirectional communications, among others. Finally, we share some reflections and questions about which we want to continue working in the future.


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