Susanna Tesconi publishes her thesis.

Tesconi, S. (2018, June 5). El docente como maker. La formación del profesorado en making educativo. TDX (Tesis Doctorals en Xarxa). Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona.

This dissertation is aimed to design a learning environment in maker-centred education to foster in teachers the needed knowledge and attitudes in order to act as facilitator of creative processes in technology rich educational contexts. The learning environment has the goal of fostering the development of the teacher as experiential learning facilitator in creative technology rich environment, such as digital fabrication and rapid prototyping. With this goal in mind we design and implement a learning environment for teachers inspired in DIY philosophy and empowered by the tools, the knowledge and the infrastructure of the maker movement. In this way we want to take the emancipatory educational opportunities presented by the maker movement and transform the m in a teacher training model based on reflection in action, inquiry and collective knowledge creation. The research is grounded in Design-Based Research methodological framework, a flexible and systematic research method aimed to improve educational practices through iterative analysis of the design process of educational program and their implementation. DBR is based on the collaboration between practitioners and researchers. It acts directly in the real context of the teaching-learning practice and allow the definition of design principles for the design of similar environment for other contexts. Through 3 design cycles we define and implement the environment and we collect data. Data are used, from one hand, for the adaptation of the design during its implementation and , for the other, to analyze and understand the nature of the critical issues who arise. The analysis of the critical issues and their relation with the design decision allow us to define design principles for future design. Once the design process is over we analyze the data gathered during the all process and we realize interview with a selected group of stakeholders in order to get a better understanding of the professional growth they perceived.

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