Conference: “In Stasis and Flux. Contemporary Art, New Media and the Art Market”

Pau Waelder gives the talk “In Stasis and Flux. Contemporary Art, New Media and the Art Market”, within the seminar Bytes for Sale. Seminar On Current Trends And The Future Of Buying And Selling Media Art, organizated by AV-ARKKI at Kiasma Museum of Contemporary Art, Helsinki.

Media art presents unique challenges and opportunities for its sellers and collectors. New approaches and skill sets are often called for in the buying and selling of media art.

This seminar brings together major collections of media art, researchers and galleries with novel approaches to selling and producing media art works. The seminar showcases their practices and discuss current trends and projections for the future of buying and selling media art.

What paths are used to buy and sell media art today and in the future? What are major collectors of media art looking for in their acquisition process? What will be the role of the gallery in the media art scene of tomorrow? These themes and more are discussed during the day through presentations, Q&A sessions and panel discussions.

The seminar will also present the results of an ongoing project by AV-arkki to chart the skills and attitude of Finnish galleries towards the selling of media art and to create practical tools to aid to facilitate the sales process.


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