Curator of the City-Science Biennial

Pau Alsina and Irma Vilà are part of the Biennial Ciutat i Ciència curatorial to be held in Barcelona from February 7 to 11.

Increasingly, science is part of our lives and, increasingly, citizens have more weight in deciding which paths to advance the search. And in Barcelona there is a lot of science and a very high level. So much so that the city is one of the European referents in various fields of research. In order to facilitate the dissemination of scientific knowledge that is generated in Barcelona and strengthen its link with the public, from 7 to 11 February, the City and Science Biennial will be held in numerous facilities in all districts. It will employ a total of 138 participating specialists.

The Biennial has seven objectives in the field of science: reflecting, participating, connecting, reinforcing equality, transmitting knowledge, enhancing transversality and complementing the Barcelona City Council’s Science Plan. In order to achieve them, it has designed a wide range of activities of very diverse formats: conferences, debates, conferences, hackatons, performing arts, music, cinema, workshops … An extensive offer that invites reflection and with which the public can Find answers to many of your concerns, understand the processes of science and actively engage in research. At the same time, it also aims to promote new scientific vocations on equal terms and bring science closer to children through an offer aimed at families.

In this line, the activities of the Biennale provide keys to form opinions and to make decisions with scientific criteria. A part of the program is framed in concepts such as citizen science or citizen laboratories, where non-specialized people participate in research projects and in the generation of new knowledge based on the real demands of society. Other activities, such as debates or a film series with a later discussion, analyze the limitations of science, methodologies, ethics, and social issues. And it goes without saying that many of the activities have a future-oriented look at the challenges that we face and how science can help us achieve them.

In short, five days to focus on the future, the challenges we face and participate in scientific thinking.

Here (web) and here (pdf) you’ll find the complete program.


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